Michigan Center
for Youth Justice

Designing brand identity and corresponding collateral. 
2019 | Client: Michigan Center for Youth Justice

The Proposition:

Design a visual Identity rebrand for the Michigan Center on Youth Justice (MCYJ), formally known as the Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency (MCCD)

The Plan:

Reinvent the MCCD brand from scratch, trading out the stark visuals often utilized in criminal justice campaigns for a visual identity that projects a message of hope befitting an organization focused on youth.

The Particulars:

After interviewing the MCYJ staff, I selected a palette of primary-leaning colors that captured the organization’s youthful focus. Looking for a way to maintain this bright, hopeful energy without losing the weight of MCYJ’s mission and vision, I took inspiration from origami, an art long associated with hope in the face of dire circumstances.