Hello Teaching Corps!

Hi everyone! My name is Susan, and like you, I’m a teacher. Teaching Tree has asked me to share my experience and tips with you to make sure that learning continues after the incident. We know that things have changed a lot in the last few months, and school might not be on everyone’s mind, but for those of you with drinking water and a leak-free home, you don’t want your kids to fall behind!

Thanks to our contract with the New Board of Education, you can get teaching supplies at the same place you get your food and ammunition rations… and you can use the same coupon on everything!

A new life for an old tool

Hi New Colony Teachers!

I wanted to tell you about a new use we found for a classic item. Before the incident, our 11.5″ inflatable globe was a popular way to teach geography in the classroom while keeping it fun… But now that many of those countries don’t exist anymore, it might be time to give that globe a refresh! Now that globe is a handy floating warning against octopus attacks. We know the waters haven’t exactly been safe lately and we wanted to do our part to help everyone learn where it’s safe to go. Happy traveling!!

note that this globe still contains multiple misspellings and inaccurate geographic references, and is not suitable for education.

we also conveniently marked dollar tree safe zones, where we have put up outposts to help provide weapons and protective gear to those warding off octopi, at a low low price.