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some sketchy precedents

Suburbia, Penelope Spheeris, 1983 No news to anyone who read my last post, but Suburbia feels like an obvious starting point for the project- it’s certainly sensationalized, but I think it does a good job of getting at a sense of belonging that gets exploited by far right groups in the context of subculture ARA Flier, 1984, maximumrocknroll This image is taken from an Anti Racist Action flier, from a 1989 interview ARA members did with

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Suburbia Movie Poster, Film directed by Penelope Spheeris, 1983 About fifteen minutes into 1983’s Suburbia, Penelope Spheeris punxploitation classic about runaways forming an ad-hoc family in the midst of Los Angeles’s ultra-violent punk scene, Jack, something of a leader to the other runaways, bemoans the laments the family he left behind: his real dad died in Vietnam, and his stepfather is a police officer. “That’s not the worst of it though” He’s quick to add,

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it begins…

Card from Oblique Strategies; Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt pub. 1975 ; photo: The Long Now Foundation, Oct 2018 You gotta’ start somewhere right?   I chose to pursue a long overdue undergrad degree at Stamps for a number of reasons: the faculty, the innovative program, UM’s alumni network, cool toys like the vinyl plotter and a massive screen exposure unit, proximity to Zingerman’s… but pretty much at the top of the list was the

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