Kon Cremolada

Brand Identity & Strategy, Menu Design
2020 | Client: Killa Wasi

The Proposition:

Designing a visual identity and menu for Kon Cremolada, a new Austin-based Peruvian style shaved ice stand. Kon is a sister business to Killa Wasi, a well-liked Peruvian restaurant housed in an iconic blue school bus.

The Plan:

Design a logo and corresponding visual assets that look great with Killa Wasi’s current brand, but have their own distinct personality, inspired by late 70’s / early 80’s childhood nostalgia.

The Particulars:

As an 80’s child who loved frozen treats (who doesn’t), the discovery for this was half research and half a trip down memory lane. For Kon’s logo, I created an updated take on hand-painted ice-cream truck lettering, a summer vacation staple.

To highlight the unique menu flavors, I looked towards the wacky character illustrations of vintage Trend Scratch-n-Sniff’ stickers. Each Kon flavor got its own character, which will be turned into scratch-n-sniff stickers themselves to be put onto each serving’s packaging.