Corner Community Health + Wellness

Designing brand identity and corresponding collateral. 
2020 | Client: The Corner Health Center

The Proposition:

Designing a comprehensive rebrand for The Corner Health Center, an invaluable community health center that has served Ypsilanti’s youth population for nearly four decades.

The Plan:

Create a modular design system flexible enough to encompass the full spectrum of resources The Corner provides as well as match The Corner’s needs as it continues to grow the organization.

The Particulars:

I created a monoline sans-serif logotype inspired by Andrea Leksen’s Nordeco, a 2020 Neo-Grotesque channeling classic Bauhaus curves. Additionally, I developed a series of simple monoline icons for each of the Corner’s current campaigns. I also designed a 40th anniversary icon, along with a line of celebratory products and giveaways featuring the new look, to highlight such a monumental benchmark for the organization.